Friday, July 13, 2007

Faith vs. Insurance

One in a list of many things I wish I didn't have to think about as a church planter but do, is insurance. Specifically insurance on our ice cream truck (see previous post). A friend of mine and church planting supergenius Patrick Furgerson recently blogged at about insurance, churches and bounce houses.
One of our visions for the ice cream truck is to make it available for other churches and community service organizations to use, in fact we're designing it so our name can easily be deleted from the vehicle so no one assumes we're loaning it to them for the free publicity . My hope is that everything our church ever owns will be considered Kingdom property and be made available to Christ followers to use for God's glory. However, after a conversation with our insurance agent and the two Patricks in my life–Furgeson, the afformentioned supergenious and Colaw, my brother the Lawyer and fellow supergenious. It appears that if we choose to allow people outside our church to use our stuff we do so at great peril of having our pants sued off with no coverage from our insurance company. Having no pants and being exposed is apparently a bad thing.
So, what to do? Follow our heart and Kingdom values and make the ice cream truck and everything else available for Kingdom purposes having faith that God will provide all the coverage we need, or, follow the wise counsel of godly insurance agents, lawyers and supergenious'?
I wish it was as funny as it sounds, but it really is a conundrum. God certainly encourages us to seek counsel which we've done, but He also tells us not to live in fear, which lawsuits certainly encourage. Anyway we know that God has the answer already wether it be a step of faith under a heavenly policy or an insurance a company with flexible coverage. Either way we'd appreciate your prayers.

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Courtney said...

yuck...sorry. i hope that God gives you a clear answer there, because I'd hate to be the one to make that decision. Thanks for the super sweet card in the mail! It made my day. I hope that you figure it all out, I know you will. This "voice of reason" says, go with the lawyers and get coverage you need....but then again, your faith is evidently much greater than mine, in that you are right God will provide...i'm a lot of help, right?!

Courtney said...

brent, you should add sitemeter to your blog so you know that more than one person (me) is reading, since NO ONE ELSE COMMENTS! ( it takes like 2 minutes or less to set it up