Sunday, September 30, 2007

From 12 to 8 in 24

Within a 24 hour period this week we had two couples who were on our launch team call to tell us they wouldn't be able to help anymore. One because they're moving to Minnesota (Do they even have summer in that state?) and the other for health reasons. I think I know how Gideon felt. Right now I'm thinking really God 12 is too many, your sure about that, You do remember we're having a block party/fun fair in two weeks, right? Oh, and a preview service on the 21st you remember that too right. While my my heart knows God's got it covered my brain is scrambling with the math. At this point the Lord should be "Adding to our numbers daily", after all we want to be a "New Testament" church right. ;-)

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Courtney said...

i talked to becky last sorry...but know this is just a test of faith for you guys and you've made it so far and are so close. hold tight to what and where you know the Lord has called you. He will provide. He always has and always will. Can't wait to come out that way soon!

Marci said...

Hey Brent,
Sorry to hear about the 2 couples. Apparently, they were not the ones God has in mind for you. Look up, not down. God is faithful!