Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Prayer

I stopped blogging. I'm starting again. Nuff said.

I got an email from LifeChurch.tv the church we attended in Tulsa before we moved out here. They are partnering and inviting other churches to join in a series they're doing in June entitled One Prayer. I love the concept. We'll preach one sermon live and bring in some other incredible speakers from other churches via video. We'll all be preaching on the question, If you could pray one prayer for the church at large what would it be.
It's a tough question. So many things spring to mind. So I've begun the process of building my list so I can cut it down to one.

What would your prayer be?


Courtney said...

yeah! welcome back! its good to see something up again...i was shocked though :)

without doing a ton of forethought on it...i'd say my one prayer for the church at large would be...

to love, serve, embrace and mentor one another within and outside the walls/people of the "church building" better and more often than is happening---the things that would happen if this occurred in our world...it would change I know it would.

I just get a glimpse of it in our new program called Apples of Gold and it is absolutely revolutionary (not in theory, but in doing) for us!

i do know that there are lots of other needs/desires/wants etc for the church at large, but that is the one on the fore front of my thoughts

Unknown said...

That's awesome. I love lifechurch.tv.

My prayer would be that big, strong bridges would be made between church & culture & relevance, creativity, and excellance would increase.

Becky said...

I just pray that people would do what Jesus said, love God and love others. I think the rest would fall in line behind that. Probably too simple, but it's not really - it's almost impossible as sinful humans to do those things well.

Brent Colaw said...

Becky and Courtney are cheaters. You've got to be more specific than, "everybody should love and serve everybody else". Dig down get very specific.

Unknown said...

score, i am not a cheater. well technically my name is becky, so maybe brent was including us both.

Christy said...

I say, before the church will "love and serve" we have to have a heart change. Seems like the body of Christ in America is being shaken up a little. Like God wants us to understand there is a hurting world out there and we are not immune to it.

My prayer would be, Whatever it takes Lord!
Sorry, is that too general??? (:

That is a hard question.

Unknown said...

I pray the church would be known by it's love, love for the poor, for the broken, for the awkward, for the outcast, for the artist, for the minority, for the confused, for the others, for the single parent, for the mentally disabled, for those affected by systems of injustice. And if possible, the advocate for those above as well.