Friday, May 9, 2008

Sarah Grace

What can I say about Sarah? Sarah means princess and being the only girl after three boys it's very appropriate. I realize I'm a biased father but she is B E A utiful. Her smile absolutely blows me away. She is already whipping her brothers in to shape, we all adore her. She may come out of this a little over confidant, but she'll never need to turn to some young man for a sense self worth. She has four men (future men) in our house who think she hung the moon. Of course with David around I'm not to worried about future suiters, at this point they're almost inseparable. At three we're only beginning to see signs of her personality. She definitely has David and Jason's charm it will be interesting to see if she gets Becky and James' sense of justice and strength of character. 


Courtney said...

I love the bottom picture of her! That is great and you are right, she is beautiful!

Unknown said...

i'm so glad her & Zoe can be buds!

khowze said...

You are very right...she is gorgeous!! What a sweet blessing...all of your kids, actually. You have a great family, thanks for sharing a little bit about them!