Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coming and Going

We had our first Informational meeting about the plant on Sunday. We only invited people from our partnering churches to this one, I had the opportunity to speak at each of the churches over the last three weeks and cast some vision as well as tell the story of how God brought us here. We had prayed God would bring just the right people to this meeting. One of the things we felt strongly about was the need to make sure if people from our partnering churches came that they were coming for the right reasons. The following is my list of reasons to come, not to come, and questions to ask yourself before coming.

Reasons not to come (anyone of these alone are disqualifiers)
• Upset at someone in the church. (seek to restore the relationship)
• I believe the church is doing something unbiblical. (follow Matt 18)
• I’m looking for something that I enjoy more. (consumerism vs servanthood)
• This seems more exciting. (the new will wear off)
• The church I’m at won’t do ________. (am I driven by my agenda or do I feel called)
• If I leave, are there others who would perceive that I left for any of these reasons, ask. (the self deception test)

Reasons to Come (all three of these should be part of the decision)
• I love to serve.
• I have a passion to see those far from God find Him.
• I feel called.

Leaving Well Questions
• Where will my going leave a hole in ministry.
• Where will my going leave a hole in fellowship.
• How can I help fill any potential holes before I leave.
• Who do I need to talk to before I go.

If you have others you think should be in here drop a comment.

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