Monday, October 15, 2007

God's Timeline

I was challenged by a friend last week as I was lamenting how far I felt we were behind schedule, to make the best plan you can and then hold it very loosely. (thanks Ben) As often as I've said that in the last two years to other people about our situation you'd think I would own it by now. But no, I was getting too caught up in the plan, calendar and budget to hear God. And so it is with a much lighter heart that I've made some changes. Next weeks preview gathering is going to be a prep gathering. (Read more about it at Although it seems to be a slow down in our plans I think it will be great. It just feels right. After letting it go I realized that part of the reason for holding on to it was my own pride. After all if I said we were going to have a preview on the 21st I'd better deliver right. But of course that leaves God out of the picture and me with way too much weight on my shoulders. It's probably true that if your feeling stressed out your not letting God be God. After all didn't Jesus tell us that His burden was easy and His load light and since He also told us that this world would hold troble for us I've gotta assume that He intends to carry the weight. Well I'm looking forward to a much lighter week ahead, in fact Eric and I are going to take Tuesday and head into the mountains for a day of Picture taking, goofing around and enjoying God. I'll post photos later this week.

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