Tuesday, October 16, 2007

really big fingerprints–really big trees

Eric and I went up to the Sequoia National Forest North East of Bakersfield today to hang out, get away from the busyness and enjoy God. My hope was to take lots of pictures, however the "fresh" batteries I put in the camera this morning were actually dead. Not that it mattered, we had a great day anyway. God provided a mostly foggy, drizzley fairly cold day, with times of the brightest blue skies you can imagine shining through breaks in the clouds. The colors were amazing the rain makes the Sequoias an impressive burnt orange and the greens of the pines, the yellows of the aspens, and the yellows, ornages and reds of the maples looked amazingly vivid in front of them. At over 7000 feet you don't so much look up at a cloudy sky as you walk through it–so when the cloud your in rolls into the valley below you, perfectly clear skies appear until the next cloud pushes over the peak above you and envelopes you as it rolls through. I know pictures wouldn't do it justice, and I'm sure my words won't either. I wish you all could have been there. The sequoias themselves are so impressive. I'm posting a pic of our last trip up there with my folks. You can't really get an idea of how large they are until you're there but I think this shot begins to capture it. I love the surprises God throws into His creation that make you gasp.
I don't have words to express my gratefulness to God for the beauty He has provided.

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