Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Trukin' Update 1.0

We've got the truck now. It's in great shape and was a great price. We've got the serving window and graphic wrap ordered. One huge praise is that we will be getting the wrap free thanks to Group Imaging www.groupimaging.com. They have given us unlimited banner printing for a year. PTL! We're on the look out for the A/V system, bounce house and freezer to finish it off. We're probably going to need to put new tires on the rear, and new batteries to get it running perfect. We're pulling all the shelving out now. We'll keep you posted as we make progress.

1 comment:

Kevin Morrison said...

Love the truck! Of course in bakersfield, you'll also have to install a gun rack and get yourself a retired hunting dog named Red to sit in the front seat. Kidding. People any farther from than an hour from bfield think it is still like that. But seriously... the truck is going to be sweet!