Saturday, October 13, 2007 goes live, temporarily anyway. I put up the temporary home for Kaleo on the web. As of tomorrow we will have printed materials out with the web address so it seems pretty important to have something up. For some reason the website is one of the last things I've been able work on. I think part of that is because I think many people choose wether or not to visit a church based on it's website—partially because as a designer freedom to do almost anything can be suffocating (odd but true) —and because when it comes to big ticket items for Kaleo I've been very hesitant to spend money. If the decision can be put off in hopes of finding a better value, or a less expensive solution, I'll probably put it off. I hope this is because I want to be a good steward and not because I lack the faith that God will continue to meet our financial needs. Anyway until I hand it off to a professional this is what we have.

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Unknown said...

Man... that looks really good!!
I want a church like that!! :)

Can't wait to come visit...