Sunday, October 14, 2007

Killer Party

The party went terrific. Inspite of several missed opportunities in our communicating it to the public we still had probably 250 or more people. I'm not sure we could have handled too many more.
I am grateful to God for covering my misteps, and to all of the volunteers from CCV, Life Journey and Northeast Christian, and especially our launch team, Mike and Sheri Williams and the pastors and wives of our partner churches You guys rock! We've had a few people ask us why three local churches would help us plant in their own backyards. I just have to say it's a Kingdom thing. Here are a few pics I'll post more soon. Thanks to everyone who prayed and Courtney for the post event call.

Kevin and Jill Our Childrens Min. leaders.

Eric in Kaleo's required preaching attire. : )

A crowd in the gym for a game.

The truck and bounce house.

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Courtney said...

yeah for the killer party and super first event for kaleo. that's awesome. we were there in spirit.

Kevin Morrison said...

In case the outcome is in doubt, I soundly defeated Jill... before being schooled by Brent.


Brent Colaw said...

My promise to anyone else considering volunteering at Kaleo, I won't wallop you with a big padded stick. Kevin and Eric are the exceptions to the rule.